Dance d’ Elegance

750 E. Washington St. #F1, Medina, OH 44256


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At Dance d’ Elegance we’ve been showing couples how to dance for 30 years!

Join us and become that smooth, confident, dancer you’ve always wanted to be. Dance at parties, wedding receptions, or nights out instead of just watching. At Dance d’ Elegance, we take things one step at a time.

Our teaching style is different from most studios, it’s progressive and reviewed each week.

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Date Night

Our weekly class at Dance d’ Elegance is a perfect reason to put everything else on hold and enjoy the company of your loved one. Maybe even enjoy a dinner before or a drink after and truly experience weekly date nights.

Fun Workout

Without it even feeling like one, dancing is a fun workout for both partners. You will get your body moving, and your heart beating faster.

On a health journey? Consider dance class!

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Call or text Andrea at: 330-416-5619
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